Chevalier Rouge Filipa x Belburgoīs Lorenzo Il Magnifico

We have the good news to tell you that: this spring are we planning and hopefully expecting a Belburgo's litter. Now itīs time to get all the bloodlines back, we have been working with, from our very first beginning of our breeding. As we all know, this breed don't get very old; During our breeding work have we always searching to get healthy and good looking dogs of course, but we have also looking for dogs who has got longlifed. We have choiced this male, not only because he is, 8,5 years old and very healthy, but also because his -ancestors- has becamed very longlived, healthy and good looking too and we really hope to get that back. We haved searched and looked 14 generations back and itīs amazing, what a wonderful bloodlines itīs going to be. We have enormous expectations from this litter.

For more information, are you welcome to contact us!!