SUCH DKUCH FINUCH NORDUCH FINNISH WINNER-09 Belburgo´s Navarro & Dorian Delle Querce Rosse became proud parents of 3 little wonderful boys, tuesday 23/3-10.

The puppies has now moved to their new homes, we wish you all good luck with your goldhearts!!!

Belburgo´s Pecorino has moved to Magnus in RYDEBÄCK.

Belburgo´s Picasso has moved to fam. Daoud (Jimmy & Kristina in NORSBORG.

Belburgo´s Pascal has moved to Anita & Anders in LANDSKRONA & (HVEN).

Belburgo´s Pascal & Picasso.

Belburgo´s Picasso

Here we have the little charming Belburgo´s Pecorino